NETP Vision

Our Vision for Zambia

The NETP vision is for a Zambia which is a high-middle income country with wealth distributed fairly across society. Alongside this, a Zambia that has Africa`s leading public services to enable Zambian Citizens to proclaim themselves members of a proud, prosperous and dynamic democracy.

However, the situation today is worrying. It is a grim fact that Zambia’s economy has grown little in the last 50 years. Whereas, in other circumstances, it should have grown by a factor of ten or twenty - as has happened in many other economies in this time. The result is a country with endemic poverty, high unemployment, a lack of opportunity, poor education and health outcomes and with struggling democratic institutions.

There is another way

The NETP has been built on the principle that there is another way.   At the heart of our new vision for Zambia is the transformation of the Zambian Economy. 

We will oversee an unparalleled programme of investment across the country and in economic sectors such as Agriculture, Mining, Tourism, Services and Industry. 

This transformation will see our economy grow in size by a factor of five to ten times over our time in office.  It will require the marshalling and mobilisation of vast investment for which NETP is uniquely placed to achieve. 

We will fight to ensure that this tremendous growth is shared across the country and throughout society for young and old, men and women.

 As only by having a more equal society will the transformation actually be successful.  The NETP wants the domestic Zambian market to be an engine of growth for the country - and for that to happen we need everyone to be a stakeholder and market consumer, not just a small few.

In parallel, and to drive our economic transformation, we plan a transformation in our public services.  Education and training will become the foremost concern to ensure that the Zambian people have the skills to drive the transformation and also enjoy the millions of jobs that will be created.  Underpinning this highly educated and skilled workforce will be health services and housing that allows families to thrive.

NETP Vision

We have worked hard to dig deep into the real issues which are complex and interconnected.  We then have worked hard to find the real solutions drawing on experience from Zambia, the SADC region, Africa, our other Southern hemisphere partners and the wider world.

Our vision is bold.  Our vision is unprecedented.  Our vision will change the lives of Zambians for the better.  Most importantly the NETP can deliver this vision for you, the people.

Our vision is bold.

Our vision will change the lives of Zambians for the better.

Our vision is unprecedented.

Most importantly the NETP can deliver this vision for you, the people.