About Us

About NETP

It is the deeply held conviction of the National Economic Transformation Party that the future of our country depends on our ability to transform our endowed riches into sustainable wealth for the benefit of all our 18 million people. We believe that the efficient and effective implementation of rigorously researched, insightful and responsible economic policies will boost the standard of living for all. The NETP is the party of economic progress which can be trusted not to consume our riches in the short term but to create a wealthy and prosperous society into the future.


NETPs purpose

NETPs purpose is to sustain and promote within the Republic of Zambia the aims and values of the Party that include:



Economic Transformation

Implementing policies that will enable Zambia to build a developed economy and shared prosperity at speed. Exert sustained and concerted actions in driving policies that will promote the standard of living and economic wealth of the nation, by stepping up the rate of capital formation that is needed for exponential economic development in all sectors of the economy.


Democratic Renewal

Driving action that will uphold democratic processes at every level in society and cultivate transparency and accountability through the promotion of freedom of expression, information and participation to create a conducive environment for all.



Civic Leadership

Enable the civic life of communities, to equip them with the needed skills while promoting values and motivation to catapult and realise their maximum potential for the better quality of life they deserve.



Educational Leadership

Foster policies that enable Zambia to establish a highly educated and empowered people, able to grasp and drive innovative public services and industry that will form the backbone of economic transformation.


Party Organisation

The Party brings together members and supporters who share its values to develop policies and promote the election of Party representatives at all levels of the democratic process in order to build a transformed economy and society.

The party is a national party with a national structure and organs driven by its members, who belong to a Constituency Association in each of the constituencies of the country. The party is managed by the National Executive Council, which works with Provincial, District, and Constituency Executive Councils to promote the party. The National Conference drives the policies of the Party and elect members to the National Executive Council. Every five years the National Convention endorses the candidates for the General Election. The chart below illustrates our party organisation.

The National Executive Council (NEC) is the supreme decision-making body in matters of the Party organisation and management. The NEC comprises twenty members including:

  • The President of the Party
  • The Chairperson of the Party, who will chair the NEC in the absence of the President and act as the President’s representative
  • Two Vice Chairpersons – One of whom is the Chairperson of the National Conference/Convention
  • Ten further Party Members selected by the National Conference
  • The Secretary-General of the Party who leads the professional staff of the party
  • The Treasurer of the Party
  • Four further Party Members, nominated by the NEC.

Work with us

We are building the party organisation across the country. We are looking for people who are committed to the values and aims of the party from all sections of our community. The party can provide competitive compensation, excellent benefits and a programme of training and skills development reflective of the transformative goals of the party.

We are looking for people across a number of areas including:

Please consult our current vacancies list and watch out for our advertisements in the press. You can also contact our recruitment team on recruitments@netparty.org including a CV and cover letter for the position being applied for.