We will transform our endowed riches into sustainable wealth for the benefit of all our people

We believe that the efficient and effective implementation of rigorously researched, insightful and responsible economic policies will boost the standard of living for all. 

The NETP is the party of economic progress which can be trusted not to consume our riches in the short term but to create a wealthy and prosperous society into the future. 

NETPs purpose is to sustain and promote within the Republic of Zambia the aims and values of the Party.

Economic Transformation

Implementing policies that will enable Zambia to build a developed economy and shared prosperity at speed...

Democratic Renewal

Driving action that will uphold democratic processes at every level in society and cultivate transparency...

Civic Leadership

Enable the civic life of communities, to equip them with the needed skills while promoting values and motivation...

Educational Leadership

Foster policies that enable Zambia to establish a highly educated and empowered people, able...

Our Vision for Zambia


The NETP vision is for a Zambia which is a high-middle income country with wealth distributed fairly across society.  Alongside this, a Zambia that has Africa`s leading public services to enable Zambian Citizens to proclaim themselves members of a proud, prosperous and dynamic democracy.


However, the situation today is worrying.  It is a grim fact that Zambia’s economy has grown little in the last 50 years.  Whereas, in other circumstances, it should have grown by a factor of ten or twenty - as has happened in many other economies in this time.  The result is a country with endemic poverty, high unemployment, a lack of opportunity, poor education and health outcomes and with struggling democratic institutions.


Our vision is bold.

Our vision will change the lives of Zambians for the better.

Our vision is unprecedented.

Most importantly the NETP can deliver this vision for you, the people.